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Eddy need (remix) shot on the iPad 2 music video
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Music Video
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-Eddy is a paradoxical pixie-

Don't be fooled into measuring the strength of her vocals or the depth of her lyrics by her woodland sprite size. She may be 4'11" in stature but there is nothing small about her music; melodic poetry sewn together by contagious hooks and powered by rhythmic, electronic pop-rock fusion backgrounds.


Her voice oscillates between bold and stormy, and wispy … like cirrus clouds on a deep-blue sky sunny day.

this ep is great. this is a whole new style of music, i cant even think of anything to compare it to. such a pure voice. definitely worth every penny!
-iTunes Reviewer

You can compare her to any of our pop divas but she is singing about substantive issues that even a jaded non-individual such as myself can get down with.

I am no music critic but I know when a song is good, this song is not only catchy but it incorporates techniques from other genres and makes something new yet familiar, do yourself and eddy a favor buy this song.
-Alex Weiss

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